Data Architect - Senior

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In the senior position of Data Architect, the incumbent will support the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) in driving fundamental changes in how data is integrated, controlled, distributed, and accessed by programs, business units and operators across the enterprise. The NAVAIR Digital Office (NDO) is tasked with creating an enterprise-level information sharing environment focused on expanding the transformational business, sustainment, and capabilities-based acquisition abilities of the NAVAIR command to provide analysts and operators with secure, streamlined access to consolidated and relevant data in classified and unclassified domains. This capability will transform data access and utility in helping decision makers to speed business processes, sustainment decisions and model-based performance across the command and its portfolio of programs.

The incumbent will lead the design and development of data integration, management, and analytics capabilities from concept to implementation across technical, policy, governance, and mission stakeholders. The candidate must be prepared to work with senior executive leaders from the government and to lead data managers and engineers in defining the intake, consolidation, storage, standardization, discovery, retrieval, and analysis of data generated by the business, programs, operators/warfighters, and enterprise office personnel.

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